DSP Enablement Efforts

In order to keep stakeholders informed of the work the Joint Utilities of New York are doing to advance the enablement of Distributed System Platforms (DSPs) under REV as well as related 2017 stakeholder meetings to share information and input, the Joint Utilities have created a brief update document. This document contains links to additional resources and details, and will continue to be updated this year on the JU website. Please email any feedback or questions to info@jointutilitiesofny.org.

Summary Document

System Data

The Joint Utilities developed a webpage that provides a catalog of JU system data that is currently available to the public, with links to the locations of the utility-specific websites or portals.

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SDSIP Filing

On November 1, 2016, New York’s utilities submitted the most important regulatory filing yet under the state’s groundbreaking Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) proceeding: the Supplemental Distributed System Implementation Plan (SDSIP). It lay out a coordinated five year vision for how utility distribution system planning, grid operations, and market operations will evolve to integrate distributed energy resources (DER), modernize the grid, expand customer choice, and facilitate market innovation.

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Non-Wires Alternatives

Click on the button below for links to each utility’s current webpage listing their Non-Wires Alternatives (NWA) and the latest details about their NWA opportunities and related solicitations.

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Advisory Group

The Advisory Group is an open forum comprised of approximately 15 organizations representative of the breath of stakeholders that help guide the engagement process

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Engagement Groups

The Joint Utilities have formed 9 implementation teams in 2017 and propose engagement for each. Engagement Group meetings are intended to inform stakeholders of implementation progress, solicit feedback on implementation progress, achieve alignment for moving forward, and incorporate stakeholder input into implementation plans as applicable

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