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Who We Are

The Joint Utilities are comprised of Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation, Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. (“Con Edison”), New York State Electric & Gas Corporation, Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation d/b/a National Grid (“National Grid”), Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc. and Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation. Together, the Joint Utilities provide electric service to over 13 million households, businesses, and government facilities across New York State.

Since the inception of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “Reforming the Energy Vision” (REV) initiative in 2014, the utilities have worked together to advance state policy goals and respond to Public Service Commission (Commission) proceedings, often collaborating with stakeholders through outreach and engagement to achieve a better understanding of shared needs and objectives, with an emphasis on distribution-connected, small-scale energy resources.  With the recent passage of the Climate Leadership Community Protection Act (CLCPA)  and the Accelerated Renewable Energy Growth Benefit Act in 2019, the clean energy focus in New York has expanded upon the foundation established by REV to consider larger-scale clean energy resources and fundamental shifts towards electrification and decarbonization.

The Commission’s policy proceedings, including the REV effort, progress a comprehensive energy plan for New York that considers system efficiency, reliability and resilience, market animation, utility business models, customer empowerment, and GHG emissions reduction.


The CLCPA defines goals, targets, and policies designed to drive changes in the energy sector, as well as the broader New York economy, toward net zero GHG emissions over the coming decades. The Joint Utilities have played an integral part in advancing New York’s  clean energy goals, and will continue to navigate towards the ambitious targets set forth by the CLCPA.


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