DSP Enablement Efforts

In order to keep stakeholders informed of the work the Joint Utilities of New York are doing to advance the enablement of Distributed System Platforms (DSPs) under REV and provide information on related 2019 stakeholder engagement activities, the Joint Utilities have created a brief update document. This document contains links to additional resources and details, and will continue to be updated throughout the year on the JU website. Please email any feedback or questions to info@jointutilitiesofny.org.

Summary Document

Hosting Capacity

Click on the button below for utility-specific links for Stage 3 Hosting Capacity displays and upcoming stakeholder engagement sessions focused on Hosting Capacity.

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Energy Storage Conference

As a follow-up to the Energy Storage Stakeholder Conference held on March 29, 2019, stakeholders may pose questions to the Joint Utilities on topics that were not addressed at the Conference regarding the Implementation Plans filed on February 11, 2019. Such questions may be sent by email to info@jointutilitiesofny.org. Answers to emailed questions, as well as to questions posed during the conference, will be regularly posted in the link below.

JU Energy Storage Conference Q&A

Non-Wires Alternatives

Click on the button below for links to each utility’s current Non-Wires Alternatives (NWA) webpage for information on current NWA opportunities and related solicitations.

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EV DCFC Incentive Program

As of February 7, 2019, the Joint Utilities have received NYPSC approval to establish Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) incentive programs to encourage the development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

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2018 DSIP Filings

Pursuant to the Commission’s March 2017 Order on Distributed System Implementation Plan (DSIP) Filings, and to DPS Staff’s April 2018 Guidance Whitepaper, each member of the Joint Utilities filed its most recent Individual DSIP on July 31, 2018. The DSIP documents provide extensive information on each utility’s recent progress, current activities, and future plans as the companies continue the transition toward a more distributed, integrated, and customer-centric electricity system.

2018 Individual DSIPs