Key documents and filings regarding REV and the filing of DSIPs

NYPSC Orders and Other Regulatory Documents

Joint Utilities of New York Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness Framework

  • Joint Utilities EV Readiness Framework – The Joint Utilities recognize EVs as one of many valuable tools for achieving state clean energy objectives, and seek to support and encourage EV adoption to the extent practicable and cost-effective. Given the size of the current EV market, the Joint Utilities believe this Readiness Framework (complemented by demonstration projects and active education and outreach efforts) is the most effective way for utilities to facilitate increased EVSE deployment and EV adoption.

ISO/DSP Coordination Supporting Materials

The following resources are drafts for discussion purposes only and represent the latest versions of each resource.

  • Draft Joint Utilities DSP Communications and Coordination Manual – This draft is for discussion purposes and is meant to document the Joint Utilities’ ideas regarding data requirements and communications between the DSP, NYISO, DER and DER aggregators in order to facilitate the wholesale DER markets while maintaining reliability and power quality.
  • Draft Joint Utilities DSP-Aggregator Agreement for NYISO Pilot Program – This draft outlines the roles, responsibilities, and operational coordination for the DSP and aggregator participating in the NYISO Pilot Program. The DSP-Aggregator Agreement is intended to inform the development of a more complete DSP-aggregator operational agreement for future use.