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Public System Information

View below for information on available utility data for developers and customers. 

System Data Type What's Included? Update Frequency
Distributed System Implementation Plans

Information on the utilities' recent progress, current activities, and future plans to continue the transition towards a clean, resilient, distributed, modern, and customer-centric electricity system

Capital Investment Plans

Projected capital expenditures for utilities over the next 5 years 

Electric Reliability Reports

Overview of planned resiliency and reliability projects, as well as utility reliability statistics

Hosting Capacity Analysis (HCA) Maps

Estimates of the amount of DER that may be accommodated on the grid under current configurations and without requiring infrastructure upgrades

Beneficial Locations

High-priority locations where there is a potential for localized DER deployment to address system needs

Load Forecasts

Hourly or 8760 load forecasts by substation and/or feeder area

Historical Load Data

Hourly or 8760 historical load data by substation and/or feeder area

NWA Opportunities

One type of beneficial location - provides developers with information on where future DER opportunities may exist in advance of a formal RFP solicitation for non-wires solutions

Queued DG

Utility interconnection queue data such as type of technology, installed capacity, location, and status

Installed DG

Utility interconnection queue data including installation status

SIR Pre Application Information

Forms, documents, and information needed to complete an interconnection application and avoid project delays

As needed