JU Hosting Capacity Stakeholder Sessions

October 23, 2019 – Joint Utilities of New York Hosting Capacity Stakeholder Session. Please register for the webinar at this link or email info@jointutilitiesofny.org for location details. Based on feedback from stakeholders, the agenda for the meeting will focus on the following topics:

  • JU / Industry Goals and Problem Statements for the Hosting Capacity Maps
  • Q&A and Open Discussion on Stage 3.0 Maps
  • Presentation from EPRI on the DRIVE tool and how sub-feeder hosting capacity is derived
  • Next Steps: Industry Discussion on Stages 3.X and 4.0

The Joint Utilities held a hosting capacity stakeholder engagement group session on Tuesday, September 17, 2019.  The goal of the meeting was to provide stakeholders with an update on the major enhancements made in Stage 3.0, as well as to discuss the timeline for future stakeholder engagement sessions. The major enhancements made in Stage 3.0 are focused on including existing DER in the analysis and providing sub-feeder level hosting capacity.  Stage 3.0 of the hosting capacity displays went live on Tuesday, October 1, 2019.

For the presentation slides shared during the September 17th meeting, please click here. Please check back soon for additional hosting capacity stakeholder sessions to be scheduled later in 2019. For additional information, please email info@jointutilitiesofny.org.

Overview of the Stage 2 Hosting Capacity Displays

The Joint Utilities, with guidance from stakeholders in the 2016 engagement group discussions, have developed a four staged Hosting Capacity implementation roadmap.  In response to the March 9, 2017 DSIP Order and building upon the Stage 1 red zone indicator maps, below are links to the Stage 2 Hosting Capacity displays focused on feeder-level analysis of large scale solar PV systems interconnecting to distribution circuits 12KV and above.  Each circuit’s hosting capacity is determined by evaluating the potential for power system criteria violations as a result of large PV solar systems interconnecting to three phase distribution lines with an AC nameplate rating greater than or equal to 300 kW interconnecting to three phase distribution lines.

The JU have provided the following recording from their November 2, 2017 stakeholder engagement group presentation materials as an additional reference to help guide users through the Stage 2 hosting capacity displays.

Central Hudson Gas & Electric’s interactive Solar PV Hosting Capacity map illustrates the areas/circuits where DERs have a greater likelihood of being easily accommodated on the distribution system.

Hosting Capacity for Con Edison can be found through their Distributed System Platform web portal.

National Grid’s stage 2 hosting capacity displays can be found on their System Data Portal under the ‘Hosting Capacity’ tab.  The Stage 2 Hosting Capacity maps supersede the previously displayed Red Zone Maps.

NYSEG and RG&E’s distribution indicator maps for Hosting Capacity stage 2 hosting capacity displays can be found on their Distributed Interconnection Guide Map.

Stage 2 Hosting Capacity for O&R can be found on interactive maps that can be accessed through their web portal by signing into an O&R account or ARCGIS account.